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Big Competition Time – Design me a costume!

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that this weekend I went to Em-Con.  For those that don’t know Em-Con is a Sci-Fi geek-fest in Nottingham and it was lovely to let my inner-geek run free for the day.  

It set me thinking that, although rare, I do go to several events throughout the year where I could spread autism awareness by donning my Autism Amazon persona for the day ………… but, what to wear? 

It has to be EYE CATCHING, fit the AUTISM and AMAZON characteristics and it has to be suitable for a lady with AMPLE CURVES!  Which is where I’d like your help – or more correctly, I’d like your child’s help. 

I would just love to make and wear a costume designed for me by one of your children (NT sibling or ASD, I don’t discriminate) AND I’ll also organise a secret, special one-of-a-kind prize for the winner!

I’ve sourced some wonderful realistic templates from the amazing people over at Tracing Real Body Models for your children to use.

Step one – save one or more of the templates to your computer, phone, tablet, thingy-ma–jig

Step two – print onto A4 White paper

Step three – allow your child to be as creative as they like – paint, crayons, fabric scraps, glitter, dry pasta….remember I want to make people approach me and ask who I am and why I’m wearing the costume!

Step four – scan or photograph your child’s masterpiece and post it to my Facebook page Autism Amazon

Step five – (well, this is my step) I will post them to my main wall and ask my followers to help me choose which design I should make into my OFFICIAL AUTISM AMAZON costume.

I cannot wait to see what you all think an Autism Amazon should look like!