Impromptu Autism Awareness Demonstration…..coming soon to any crowded place near you!!!

Just a quickie folks but it struck me this at the dentist this afternoon how far I’ve come, mentally and emotionally, in just four months.

The Whirlwind was on form in the waiting room, running up and downstairs, singing opera to the other patients, hiding and crawling under sofas, being a werewolf and attempting to abscond all interspersed with the kicking, hair pulling and punching mum routine. The old me would’ve been frantically apologising whilst struggling to contain this writhing, seething mass of teeth, feet and fists whilst only managing to cause him further anxiety and an escalation in the behaviour. The new me kept a smile on her face and a calm soothing voice whilst simultaneously keeping everyone safe and The Whirlwind reasonably contained and ignoring ‘those stares’.

I also took the opportunity to raise a smile AND awareness in the waiting room by announcing to all, as we corralled The Whirlwind into the dentist’s room, “It’s ok folks, I’m not charging for today’s autism awareness demonstration!” I’m pleased to say that the majority of the other patients did indeed give me a smile at this!

If you find yourself in a similar position try it, they’re staring anyway so it’s not like you’ll suddenly BECOME the centre of attention – you already are, so go with it and use it as a way to educate others about these invisible disabilities, maybe then one day we WON’T be the centre of attention when our child melts down in public!


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