NT/ASD – Daily Routines, part one – Making The Bed

NT – remove linens from the bed and place in wash basket, remove clean linens from cupboard, fit bottom sheet onto mattress, place quilt into quilt cover and pillows into pillowcases, arrange pleasingly on the bed, scatter cushions optional. Take wash basket downstairs, place linens in washer, wash, dry and iron linens, fold and place in cupboard until needed.

ASD – remove bedding from the floor of whatever room the quilt and cover has been dragged to, ensuring child is not wrapped within it cocoon-like, return to bedroom and remove what remains of the bottom sheet from the bed, if you are lucky this will be dry and free of suspicious marks and may even have been fully or partially removed for you during the night. Search the house for the pillows, not forgetting the dog bed, under the stairs and the little cupboard he has appropriated as his ‘den’. Remove pillowcases, search for pillowcases that had already been removed, make mental note to buy new pillows, throw the suspiciously stained ones away. Go to cupboard for clean linen, realise from hand prints that you are not the first to do this, search again for the what-was-once-clean linen whilst hoping it is still reasonably clean, find linen – breathe sigh of relief that while a little dusty and extremely crumpled it is clean enough, think “it’ll do, it’s not like anybody else will see it!”. Place bottom sheet on bed, place quilt into quilt cover, remove quilt from quilt cover and remove Lego pieces from quilt cover, replace quilt in quilt cover, check pillowcases for Lego pieces, place pillows in covers, throw quilt and pillows haphazardly on bed – knowing that by lunchtime they’ll all be on the floor again anyway. Sit on bed for a breather, realise something doesn’t feel quite right and remove all bedding from the bed again. Check mattress, no not that, raise mattress tentatively, drop mattress, find toolbox and retrieve hammer, nails etc. return to bed and remove mattress, repair and replace bed slats that have been broken – wish you could blame it on the adult style of bed gymnastics but knowing THAT’s just wishful thinking, make mental note to have the talk that starts “Mummy’s bed is NOT a trampoline” again. Replace mattress and bottom sheet, decide to save time and leave quilt and pillows on the floor anyway. Realise in the evening that you forgot to put the linen in the washer and make mental note to make that your first job in the morning…….hopefully………


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